Dactyl Manuform DCS Keycap Upgrade

April 04, 2019

After finishing up my last post detailing my journey into discovering ergonomic keyboards, a thought couldn’t escape my mind. Could I bring the keys closer to my fingers without having to do a completely new build?

Turns out, it was easy to do.

I had some DCS Key Caps installed on my Ergodox but I was no longer using it as my daily driver. I took those off and installed it on my Dactyl Manuform and there’s no way to describe how good this feels other than: 👍👍

Any other suggestions to how I can make this even better? I’d love to know.

lewis.f.chung [at] gmail [dot] com

Written by Lewis Chung. Founder @ ShopWith. Previously: Coursera, Amazon. Writes about technology, products, and life.